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          Acrylic processing aid ZB-20..
          ZB-20E ZB-120P..
          ZB-125 ZB-130 ZB-140 ZB-150..
          Lubricative processing aid ZB-1..
          PVC Foaming Regulator ZB-530 se..
          ZB-730 ZB-740 ZB-750 ZB-760..
          Impact Modifier ACM..
          ZB-510 ZB-520..
          Acrylic impact modifier ZB-21 Z..
          PVC Internal & External Lub..
  About Us

ZIBO HUAXING ADDITIVES CO.,LTD.(hereafter called Zibo Huaxing)is located in Zibo city, It was founded in 1985 specializes in researching&producing plastic additives. “ZIBO HUAXING” is the registered trademark,widely known in China and abroad.
Zibo Huaxing is the biggest manufacturer in processing Aid and the leading company in plastic additives technology in China.The product covers processing Aid, Foam Modifier, Impact Modifier, SAN Resin, Lubricant, and ASA high rubber powder.
Zibo Huaxing is the first manufacturer who obtained the certificate of ISO9002 in plastic additives industry. In 2000, We obtained certificate of ISO9001:2000.
The key product is Processing Aid(PA) with annual output 30000MT; and Acrylic inpact modifier(AIM),MBS with annual output 15000MT.The output of CPE is 10000MT annually.Today, Zibo Huaxing provides an extensive product portfolio targeted to meet the needs of Plastic industry.Up to now, Zibo Huaxing is the most competitive Plastic Additives manufacturer in China.
Now Zibo Huaxing people wishes to become your good friends and welcome you to visit our company!In the meantime,Zibo Huaxing people expects to establish long-time business cooperation relationship with you relied on our advanced technology and excellent equipment.


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